Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean situated between Sicily and the North African coast. It is famous as a sun and sea destination and boasts over 300 sunny days a year.


Malta has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a lazy holiday or a cultural city break, you will be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for on the island.

Malta is best known as a sun and sea destination. There is certainly no shortage of either. Malta gets more than 300 sunny days a year and is surrounded by clear blue waters, some of the cleanest in the Mediterranean, and is much enjoyed by visiting swimmers, snorkellers and divers.

The island is also steeped in history and boasts a greater density of historic sights than any other country. Starting with its unique Prehistoric temples, some of the oldest stone buildings in the world, it also has Roman catacombs, medieval towns, and the extraordinary architectural and artistic legacy of the Knights of St John (the Knights of Malta).


The small size of the Maltese Islands makes getting around easy and hassle-free. The public bus service on Malta and Gozo is a good way to get around as buses serve major tourist areas, go practically everywhere and are inexpensive and efficient.

Renting a car is a good option if you want to get to the farther reaches of the island. All the road signs are in English and driving is on the left. International and national driving licenses are acceptable. Renting scooters, motorbikes or bicycles is also an option, But beware, bicycle lanes on major roads are rather limited.

A regular ferry service link Malta to Gozo, taking about 20 minutes each way. There are also regular boat services between each island and Comino.


The options regarding where to stay are numerous and varied.

There are hostels and apart-hotels of varying categories. There are farmhouses, villas, self-catering apartments, guesthouses and hostels. Our official travel provider has a range of travel and accommodation options to suit all budgets. Visit Air Malta to explore a range of options.

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